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Think I’ve been in a black hole for 2 weeks!

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It’s February the 17th already. I haven’t written anything since the 2nd!  What the heck have I been doing?

Spent a weekend in Farndale in the snow.  Childerbeast actually went outside.  Minor injuries sustained when one of them learned the hard way how to stop yourself crashing into a drystone wall

Gill & I had a pleasant walk to look for the dog while the menfolk took themselves off to York for a night out.


Had one of the best nights sleep ever thanks to no Bman snoring, quite a lot of white wine and a couple of industrial strength painkillers before bed.  #sweetdreams

We’ve had OFSTED in at work and Parents Evening all in the same week, so I should imagine a lot of wine was consumed at the weekend as everyone wound down after a very tense last week of term.

Bman and I spent Saturday night out a local hotel for a Valentines love-in, which was nice – very relaxing. (Suspect the cleaning staff may not have appreciated our eating tiger bread and cracked black pepper Boursin in the room though) #crumbsakimbo.
We then had a cracking Sunday lunch at The Stroom courtesy of Ma B. 

Today we’ve been to Armley Leisure Centre for a swim.  (Been dying to get in that pool since we’ve been taking the kids at school on that intensive swimming program).   Spent most of the time marveling at how much cleaner it was than Pudsey pool and trying to teach the childerbeast to dive.  Don’t think Tom Daly need quake in his trolleys just yet.  I haven’t lost it though, I can still maintain this form (circa  2004, although there may be more junk in the old trunk 10 years down the line).


Check me out!

Next stop, lunch at Jamie Oliver’s in Manchester tomorrow with The Fam.



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