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Did we see that coming? Does anyone actually care?

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So my hastily plagiarized theory (gleaned entirely from other people’s tweets) on who killed Lucy Beale, have seemingly proved correct.

It was that kid from The Omen.


On saying that, it could all change again. Eastenders have strung this convoluted storyline out for far too long and have managed to resurrect the dead in the process. Kathy’s back? How? Why? WTF?


Apparently the eternal cockroach that is, Mercedes McQueen, from Hollyoaks is also back from the dead. Am waiting for Coronation Street to reveal that Alan Bradley wasn’t actually killed by that tram in Blackpool after all. #implausible

I did manage to make a birthday cake today in the brief couple of hours that Eastenders wasn’t on.
My remit was a ‘Dauntless’ cake, as in, the Divergent series of books and it also had to have Minstrels involved.

Here’s what happened:-


We haven’t tasted its yet as it’s not her birthday til tomorrow. If anything I’m hoping the Minstrels might help it taste palatable. That’s if we don’t end up in A&E after she fires this bad boy up… (may as well have got her a bear trap or an air rifle). #danger


Hopefully she won’t want to take it with her when she goes to Laser zone with her pals. Not sure whether I’m going to regret that gift more or the Meghan Trainor CD.



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