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When in doubt, just watch TV

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Rather than stew & deliberate over the things I really want to say (because nobody wants to hear the inner wanderings of my head) I will mostly instead be spending the day watching the #EElive Twitter feed to see how many times there’s a picture of poor Jo Joyner’s face from last night’s Eastenders.

#HowsAdam now trending.


      I don’t watch Eastenders usually (far too much shouting), but I do like a bandwagon to hurl myself upon so I’m all over these semi-live shows this week. I don’t actually care who killed the character I don’t really care about, but you gotta love a live soap. If only for the potential for a cock up. 
I was telling the Childerbeast last night (as we watched Tamwar playing on his mobile on set, then reading his live tweets) I remember watching the 1st ever episode 30 years ago when I was 13. They asked me if it was in black & white or hand-drawn! I said yeah, black & white with subtitles and a frantic piano soundtrack as Lou Beale was tied to the tracks of Walford Underground station by the bad guy. Cheeky sods!


I also need to make a birthday cake today for Al. That might not go well. Could be a Dame Edna moment. Though hopefully I won’t need boltcutters to get the cake out of the tin. I’ll keep you updated. Xxx



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  1. So Eastenders is still going then? Thought it had gone the way of Brookside. I remember seeing the first episode of that on the new-fangled Channel 4 in 1983 and thinking how un-Liverpool it was (I was living in Aigburth L17 at the time). Live Eastenders sounds like it could be Acorn Antiques without the fancy editing.


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