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It’s Friday. There’s a birthday. Half Term is almost over & I’ve got a bloody cold.

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Friday nights now are going to be all about ‘Mission Survive’ with Bear Grylls. This is going to make I’m a Celeb look like a hen do at Butlins, Minehead.


I’d love to do something like this. Although I’m not sure I’d be into drinking my own pee or eating offal. Though, to be fair I’ve probably eaten worse. (Husband can insert usual time-worn insult to my culinary ineptitude here…)  Am pretty sure I’d do a better job than Jamelia who seems to be scared of everything and let someone else carry her pack.  She obviously hasn’t gone camping via public transport with 2 kids in tow!

Fave bit so far:-    Emilia Fox:  “Can I ask you something though?”
                               Bear:            ” No!”

Childerbeast had a great day today for Thing 2s 10th birthday. 10 bloody years!  Christ!  A lot has happened since 2005 and not all of it joyous. Things change. People change. (Some people don’t!) My baby girl has…


The ‘ being mistaken for Madeleine McCann’ years. #awkward


Chillin with the crusties at her first festival.


To the dauntless, brilliantly bonkers, bookworm of today



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