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Death by degu

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Spent yesterday waiting for death on the sofa, after spending the night there. Surrounded by snotty tissues and sneezing like a loon.

Don’t feel much better today.

Fortunately, when the Childerbeast began cleaning out the degus (after I’d threatened to send them to the RSPCA*) this debilitating cold had not reduced my mum reflexes. Thing 2 stumbled when bringing the 2nd degu (Linda) in. I heard a bump, a cry of alarm, then a more urgent “She’s out!” Next thing I knew I was sailing across the kitchen floor in the kind of sliding tackle usually seen on the rugby pitch. Leopard print dressing gown akimbo, arms outstretched, hands cupped, yelling, “Got her! Unzip the pen. She’s biting!”



The tiny plasters hide the carnage beneath. The teeth on those beasties are like piranha fish! Thankfully I was already fairly tranquilized on cold & flu remedies & have had more since. If I keel over later it’ll either be painkiller OD or a strain of pet rodent rabies.


Stock pic of degu teeth (or the scariest vagina ever!)

*the degus, not the Childerbeast


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