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What in the World Wide Web?!

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Yesterday morning, this photo set the Information Superway alight, making my heart sing and cause me to praise the gods for it.


Is it not a beautiful tableau?

Sadly, as in life, it didn’t take long for my joy to plummet like Queen Madge down a set of stairs!

I typed into Google ‘does gingerbread make other biscuits turn soft in the tin?’  (Don’t question me…just go with it).  I got as far as ‘Does’ and Google, as it does, began to pre-empt my question.  What it threw out was a terrifyingly sad indication of its most asked questions….

Prepare yourself.


For the sake of holy fuck!   A revelation of a global soup of sad sacks, sat in their pyjamas asking a computer to soothe their lovelorn and soap-based quandries.

And….I now loathe the Internet again. (Though mostly I hate society.)

Feel free to comment on how I couldn’t tell you all about this if it weren’t for the Internet (if you’re not too busy playing He loves me, he loves me not with your Ethernet cables).



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