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Not acting your age makes you feel younger

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My daughter recently  showed me this meme she saw on Instagram.


While we were at the swimming pool on Sunday, she saw a boy from her coaching group.  Double embarrassment. Seeing someone from school, out of context AND in your swimwear.  Imagine then, your parents deciding it would be awesome to test out the 3metre diving platform and that embarrassment factor just cranks up threefold!

In my head I thought I looked something like this…


or this…

pin up untitled

I probably looked more like this…


 Nothing to see here.  Just a woman in her 40s behaving like a foolhardy teen.

I won’t lie, my chutzpah wore off somewhat once I’d climbed the steps all gung-ho, then realized that 3meters high looked an awfully long way down once my toes were over the edge of the platform!  I wasn’t going to do the walk of shame back down the steps though, so I was committed to the jump.

It did occur to me on the way down that I could, in all likelihood fuck my leg up again… but thankfully I didn’t.  So I had a few more goes. 

It could’ve been worse.  Lad from her class could have been underwater when I dived in later and my costume malfunctioned and I realized, as I was surfacing, that ‘the girls’ were swinging free!  Bman was sorry he missed out on that one.  Managed to readjust myself before I got to the surface!

Luckily No. 1 daughter wasn’t too fussed and had a go herself, and on the springboard with her dad.  Daughter No. 2 was only persuaded (eventually) to tackle the 1metre board.  They both have more guts than me though.
It’s taken me 43 years to be this brave foolish.





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