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Smelly cat Smelly cat, it’s not your fault.

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So, after putting up with Gollum the cat’s death-breath for some time now, yesterday was the final straw.  She had clearly been yakking up bloody spittle, when I found my bed covers looking like a scene from’ Carrie ‘- post prom!

One trip to the vets and, 50 sheets lighter for the privilege, I was told that she had bad breath (no shit there Sherlock) but the reason was tooth decay (and not any of the horrendous cat Ebola type fatal maladies I had spent the evening looking up online).

Note to self:  Told you dozens of times before – do not research illnesses online – no good will come of it!

So she has had an antibiotic jab and has to go back next week to have several teeth removed.  Meanwhile I will have another 350 sheets removed from my wallet.  FFS!

Hopefully she will be fine afterwards and won’t peg out during the anaesthetic 😦

During my cat Ebola death-breath research though I did stumble across this:-   False Teeth for Cats



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