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smelly cat part 2

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So the vet put Gollum under to in order to remove the manky teeth and they found a tumor!


Ill news indeed.

Despite this death sentence (there is nothing they can do) she still seems lively enough.  We have cat painkiller for her (the same stuff Pepper had when she broke her leg).  All we can do now is give her a daily dose to take the edge off, but eventually the tumor will increase in size and once she can no longer eat it will be feline Dignitas times.

16 years old and mine and Bman’s first baby really.  Once she has gone we’ll be left with that crazy hunchback pegleg of a Southern puss, Pepper.  She went nuts when she saw the syringe thing for the liquid painkiller and tried to snatch it from my hands.  Think she remembers it from her daily doses when she was caged up with her Robocop leg.  Freakin’ crack-addict cat!




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