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Easter.  Been and gone. Wonder how long the eggs will linger?

Spent the weekend at Mum and Dad’s.  Spent silly money on haircuts for the childerbeast.  Could only have been more expensive if Vidal bloody Sassoon himself  had done it.  Had great evening on Sunday round at one of my bezzies, catching up and generally laughing a lot about oversized hands, a collection of  experimental decaying animals carcasses in the back yard and doing utterly *un-PC impressions of Joey Deacon.  (My friend just happened to have a printout of the following from Wiki.)

Blue Peter and cultural impact

In 1981, the last year of his life, Joey Deacon was featured on the children’s magazine programme Blue Peter for the International Year of the Disabled. He was presented as an example of a man who achieved a lot in spite of his disabilities. Despite the sensitive way in which Blue Peter covered his life, the impact was not as intended. The sights and sounds of Deacon’s distinctive speech and manner had a lasting impact on young viewers, who quickly learned to imitate them. His name and mannerisms quickly became a label of affectionate ridicule in school playgrounds across the country.[4][5]

To this day the term “Joey” is used as a relatively mild form of insult, in the category of “Mong” and the rather more offensive “Spaz”, accompanied by the gestures and mouth movements of the original Joey himself. Given the high proportion of 7 to 13 year-olds who watched Blue Peter in the early 1980s familiarity with Joey Deacon is surprisingly prevalent amongst a cohort which has now reached its early to mid-40s. However, amongst anyone outside that relatively narrow age band there can be total bewilderment as to the original inspiration for the Joey “brand” of humour and insult

*This was a cue for someone to google a picture and we came across this – which is decidedly even more un-PC .


So wrong.

Easter Monday I went to Northampton to spend a couple of days with one of my ‘oldest’ friends who, despite not managing to get me into a wetsuit, a cell, or shave my head –  did turn out to be a most generous host and foot warmer.  I think he took it easy on me to be fair to lull me into a false sense of security for my next visit.


I was introduced to some lovely people and also some who were slightly crackers.  We ate well & drank a fair amount and I feel I must leave the ghetto & revisit again soon.  I need more time without childerbeast. Time to be comfortable in my own silence. 

If you’re ever in Northampton you really need to eat at these two places Sol Y Luna & Pamukkale & go and look at the shoe museum, where they have one of Julie Goodyear’s original leopard print Bet Lynch shoes.  (I would be careful what cab you get into though, you never know what the driver may have had for supper!)




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