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Spent last weekend in the company of Princess Lucy, (who in no way should be confused with Queen Elsa of ‘Frozen’ fame).  She made a flying visit to my niece’s 3rd birthday party.  The prosecco fairy also paid a visit (indeed she may have outstayed her welcome) as it all got a bit hazy once Britain’s Got Talent was on in the evening.


It was all back to work & school on Monday after a most pleasant Easter half-term break.  Well, for some of us anyway.  Al awoke on Monday morning and stuck her head straight down the toilet to throw up.  Straight back to bed for that one, once she’d finished hurling.  Luckily Bman was off work to look after her, but that meant by Tuesday night he was riding the porcelain vortex himself.  I’m amazed the neighbours didn’t hear him!


Both of them are better now and so far, neither myself or Rho have succumbed to the lurgy.

I also went to the theatre on Tuesday evening with the Gene Genie, to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime.  If you have read the book, it is a great stage adaptation.  Very well done indeed.  A clever insight into what it must be like to suffer with Aspergers.

An insight into the workings of a local taxi firm though, would be making you work for your ride by parking up nowhere near the place you asked to be picked up!  FFS! 

“You wait near entrance opposite Media Museum yeah innit”

Text came, advising us to look out for a silver Skoda Octavia which was nowhere to be seen.  Eventually we cast our net further afield and there is our taxi – across two roads and a set of traffic lights happily parked up right outside the actual entrance to the Media Museum.

As we got into the car (after one of us hobbling in new shoes), the irony of the radio playing, “I’ll be right here waiting for you” was not lost on us…

Went out last night round a friend’s.  Showed everyone how to drink tequila shots without grimacing and had no hangover this morning.  Suspect the ladies who took part in the homemade fishbowl cocktail challenge may have been suffering somewhat when they eventually regained consciousness today.

Just Say No!

Just Say No!



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