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Farewell old friend…

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A few weeks ago we found out Gollum Smeagol, Gmeister, G-Mysticals, Gee-Gee – cat of a hundred names and even more songs, had a tumour in her mouth.  I made her promise to let me know when the time had come for the Big Sleep.


   After watching her breathing every time she fell asleep (which was a lot) and seeing her sneezing out gunk. Today was that day.
She let us know by having one last, right up in my grill, snuggle last night; sneezing crap out all over the bed and leaving a disaster area on the front doorstep like a scene from CSI.  When we found her hidden later, asleep in the neighbour’s bush, she looked like an extra from The Walking Dead. 

It was definitely Time…

She got into the cat box resignedly (it’s a word, I’m sure) had one last tussle with the vet and then was out like a light. A very bright light in our lives for the past 16 years, since the day Bman & I brought her home from a little house in South Manchester, taking her away from her 7 brothers and sisters. She has made us laugh, she’s frustrated us and most of all she’s been (like a Golden Girl) a friend and a confidante. She’s has been well looked after, well loved & will be sadly missed. I’m also pretty sure she’ll be pleased that City won yesterday.

C.T.I.D eh Gollum?!

She also made sure I couldn’t carry out my vague threat/promise to have her stuffed and made into some sort of jewellery box, by breathing her last with her tongue hanging out. Not her usual stern yet elegantly regal look.

I will miss your mini back massages G-cat. Wherever you are now I hope there’s plenty of chicken, mushy peas and ice-cream just for you. 💔💔

We love you Gollum Smeagol. Sleep tight xxx



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