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Half term. Full throttle.

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So the start of this half term week mostly consisted of shrieks of joy, whoops of delight and my mouth being wide open. Either at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, or at the dentist having a check-up.  Consequently I now have tonsillitis but wasn’t going to let that stop me doing it all again this weekend at Alton Towers.   Have been waiting for both childerbeast to be tall enough for all the rides so I can get my moneys worth.  I booked an overnight stay at Splash Landings Hotel back in February & this was going to pretty much be our Griswold family holiday this year, as Bman’s holidays haven’t coincided with any of our school holidays this year.  We were having fun whatever the cost, tonsillitis or no tonsillitis.


It’s been over 15 years since I went last and about 30 years since Bman went.  The Corkscrew was the main ride when he was there last so we were doing the Big Six Challenge for sure. 

Piece of cake.  I can shit the Big Six for breakfast (but you can keep the Ripsaw.  I can’t deal with the hanging upside down).

Nemesis = ridden it loads of times

Oblivion = not holding on when you drop for full ‘rad’ freefall effect

Air = weird sensation when the floor gives way and you tip up…but lots of  fun. Try & get front seats.

Rita = opportunity for quality ‘ride face’ when you set off at 100mph. Arms in the air but try not to lose a hand!

Thirteen = wish I hadn’t know about the ‘surprise’ at the end

The Smiler = if the insanely bonkers queuing system & continuous la la la, da da dah music doesn’t send you round the twist before you get on, then the 14 loops and sheer vertical track climb certainly will.  This ride may well trigger early 90s acid flashbacks. Enjoy!

Managed to get my youngest on 5 of the 6 by our second day in the park.  Only missing The Smiler because the queue on day 2 was too long and we CBA.  Not bad going at all for a girl who was only persuaded to ride the Big Dipper on Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the start of the week after a lot of badgering.  She’s gone from wimpy kid to Bodhi from Point Break in the space of 6 days.

Proud times.

Be dauntless lil dude

Be dauntless lil dude




Marmalized by The Smiler

Marmalized by The Smiler


Even this duckling is keen to join the line for The Smiler

Even this duckling is keen to join the line for The Smiler

Almost same look I had on my face when I 1st rode the Nemesis

Almost same look I had on my face when I 1st rode the Nemesis


new 2015 family photo

new 2015 family photo


Do not try logging on to this app whilst walking up steps or you may die

Don’t try logging on to this app whilst walking up steps or you may die


Fortunately there are no photos of me tripping over my own jeans going up the steps to the Nemesis. Smacked my knees, landed on my phone (as it bounced out of its supposedly protective case), cracking the screen in the process!

FFS woman!  As my old mate Moodo said.  “Try master walking up steps before attempting the Big Six babe.”


Gave Bman & the other people in the line behind me a good laugh anyway.

Also no pictures of me & Bman laid out on the bed like bloated whales after taking full advantage of the all you can eat buffet at Flambos Exotic Feast.  Belly buster times.  Like I said, we do like to get our moneys worth. 

Back to work tomorrow. Without my bezzy, who’s abandoned me to go work in a seaside school that has surf lessons for Year 6s and overlooks the beautiful west cliff of Whitby… well you would if you could wouldn’t you?
Who’s going to help me keep my big head & even bigger gob below the radar now?

Watch this space.



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