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Another seven days later

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Saturday again.
How did that happen?

Can feel self skidding toward fecking Christmas at high speed here

So this week we’ve had the Five-O air show out at 8am scouring the ghetto for a wanted man in his undies. We’ve had a teacher stabbed at a local(ish) school, with the news reporting that police were looking for an Asian boy with short dark hair. Well that narrows it down in the centre of Sadford officer!
To be fair, it didn’t take them long to capture him. Naturally his arrest was also captured and you can view the mobile phone footage all over the information superhighway, should you so wish.

Personally I’d rather view (& view & view again) the trailer for the new Magic Mike movie.  Helloooo Channing & friends.

Hubba hubba.

So far as I’m aware, I haven’t had any salacious stories emerge about me on the Internet this week but it’s still early Saturday evening. It could still happen.

Bman is in Liverpool tonight on his brother’s stag do.  Have warned him that I want no repeat of any of the antics that went down in his own stag. 
(Shaved his own head, stole a painting & threw his mobile in the Tyne).  He said he’d behave but I wouldn’t be surprised to see youtube footage of them both climbing up the Liver Building,  or trying to row that bloody weather map, that was mouldering in the Albert Dock for years, across the bloody Mersey!

We shall see…

Meanwhile, today is World Gin Day. I’ve already started celebrating.

Chin chin


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