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Tipped over the edge by cheap ice cream

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It’s been a while brewing, but I had a mini meltdown in the shed earlier whilst getting a tub of neopolitan out for the kids’ dessert.


The sight of the chest freezer brimming with food seemed to me to represent everything I hate at the moment and am struggling to deal with.  Namely capitalism; over-reliance on technology; materialistic greed etc. Somehow it even represented my not altogether unfounded irritation with benefits claiming work-shy uneducated bums going on holiday abroad twice a year, while I’m lucky to go once every 3 or 4 years (and only then if our parents pay for some element of it.)  It represented a massive ball and chain weighing me down to this house, this neighbourhood, this life…



I can’t even think of anything else to write if I’m honest.  When I fired up the laptop I was full of ideas of some profound piece of deep and meaningful.  Instead I’ve got distracted by the last two episodes of season 5 of Game of Dwarves.  Not having seen this series from the beginning I only have a scant idea of WTF is going on.  All I do know is that Miles Finch from Elf plays a good part and is in fact the only dwarf in Game of Dwarves.  They need to stop all looking the same, wearing hoods and someone needs to turn a bloody light on so you can see what the hell is happening. Five series in and they still haven’t managed to drop that damn ring into Mount Doom!



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