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Not quite what I expected if I’m honest.

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My eldest told me last week that her class was going to be on Good Morning Britain. She wasn’t sure why but said that they’d been filmed in their English class.

Naturally I sent word out to the Fam & friends to tune in or set their digiboxes.

This afternoon, when she came home she asked if we’d seen it. (No. We hadn’t because truth be told, we forgot it was today).  She showed us a clip that had been uploaded to Instagram so we searched through Good Morning Britain on the NOW TV catch-up to see our baby girl in her television debut.

It wasn’t quite the article I’d expected….


In my head, her English class had been carefully selected to showcase the high standard of Y7 English Literature students in the region.

But no.

It was a piece on how 10 years ago, 4 brainless bellends who don’t deserve to be named, blew themselves and 52 innocent commuters up in the name of…well…in the name of nothing. 

Their deaths served no other purpose than to remove themselves from the gene pool.  Unfortunately they took 52 hard working, loved, loving and more deserving individuals down with them.

Seriousness aside. My eldest offspring’s TV starring role was more of a damp squib than when Mick from Gavin & Stacey was on the news after finding a dead body.


Barely 30 seconds airtime, basically, to show schoolchildren hard at work in a West Yorkshire school. (Presumably as opposed to being radicalized over the World Wide Web.)

Not sure I’m comfortable with the strapline about ‘four bombers attacking London’ underneath an image of my girl!


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