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Really? That’s what I got dressed up for?

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Congratulations to my eldest daughter for her 100% Attendance Award, received this evening at a 2 1/2 hour presentation evening. 

She was presented with it in the first 15 minutes, but I’m too polite to slope off early.  I wouldn’t mind but she doesn’t even deserve it, unless my version of 100% differs vastly from theirs.  She has had 4 days off with her gammy foot!

150 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.

Now I know why they don’t tell you first what the award is for. Presumably to prevent you from blowing it off altogether and to ensure that anyone actually turns up.  I’m thinking that the several recipients who had actually won a decent academic achievement award, yet were nowhere to be seen, had been caught out with a lame award in the past and just thought, “Stuff that for a game of soldiers mate, I’m staying in tonight!”

After the disappointment of her TV debut as the frigging UnaBomber last week and the fact that I’ve had to confiscate her mobile again, I’m not sure I can deal with much more.

Is it time to break up for summer yet?



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