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Attack of the deadly crisps

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Some of my favourite news stories of late:-


Get a glass of milk & crack on FFS! Heads up. If spicy is not your bag, then this bag is not for you. Just saying!
Loving the ‘Tortilla Terror’ and ‘Packets of Pain’ headlines though.

Whoever this is (& I do so hope it’s true) I too, salute you Sir.

Meanwhile, my 10year old was given a balloon in the shoe store on Saturday, when we were purchasing the obligatory new school shoes for September. Who knew she could still have so much fun with a balloon?

3 days in, the continual bouncing of it in the air and in my face whilst I’m trying to watch & listen to the TV, is wearing a bit thin.


My 12 year old was also given one but hers blew away when we got out of the car then popped on our neighbour’s bush.

If this one gets in my face once more, it may meet the same end!


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