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When ET played piano at my brother in law’s wedding

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Went to Bman’s brother’s wedding last weekThe childerbeast were a bridesmaid & a flowergirl…which was nice.  The boys all looked smart (but of course just had to pull their usual ‘Buffalo Bill’ pose).

The waiters had a big row and threw things at each other and then started singing… which was a bit confusing but very entertaining.
ET was all suited up and tinkling the ivories in the piano bar.  He disappeared later and was found in the bride and groom’s bed wearing Family Guy underwear.

True story.

Bman was at one point the next morning, the last man to get out of bed,  but with moments to spare before check-out, ‘Uncle Vinny’ of the Irish contingent was wandering the hotel corridor in his underpants.  Well done Bman on not being the last one dressed.



It puts the lotion on its body

It puts the lotion on its body

Be Good

Be Good

It took us about 2 days to recover.  Exhaustion times!

Good luck to them both and I look forward to catching up with them again soon and sitting my new sister down to watch the entire Star Wars saga followed by Jurassic Park.


Since then we’ve been swimming twice.  Note to self: Make sure your handbag is not still on your shoulder when you go through the showers before entering the pool!  FFS!  At least I realized before I dived in eh?  Dumbass!

We’ve also been to watch Jurassic World which was rather scary, not least because the main protagonists clearly had never seen the first movieDidn’t have nightmares this time though, like I did 20 years ago after the 1st one.

Sat watching Bake Off just now.  Biscuits within a box also made of biscuit!  If I was on the show (never going to happen) I’d go for a biscuit box in the shape of a unicorn. The horn could be removed and inside would be tiny biscuits in the shape of rainbows.*


*more likely just crack open a packet of Jaffa cakes.  I can’t cook. I can’t bake.  I’m a bit crap really.




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