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I am such a lazy sod but I don’t really care.

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After 48 hours of doing utterly nothing.  Actual F* All!  Today I managed to be out of bed by 10:15 and had bought new-term work clothes for under £30 by 11:35.


Not done much since though.
Well, I have packed my rucksack for Shambala Festival (which isn’t actually until the 27th).
Toy Story alien onesie. Check.  UV face paints. Check. Jungle-print fur jacket. Check.  Cosmic pattern dress. Check.  Highlighted the workshops I want to do & acts I want to see in the programme, which arrived today. Check:-

Beatbox Collective.  Shlomo.  Jungle Brothers. Roni Size. DJ Yoda.
Power Ballad Yoga
Hugging workshop
Ukulele lessons

And of course, it wouldn’t be Shambala without the Bump Rollerdisco.

I just hope it’s not a mud bath.


Meanwhile, in Liverpool today, there’s been a neo nazi march where their members were outnumbered by locals protesting about them coming to town. If you can find a copy online of their letter to the Mayor of Liverpool, I urge you to give it a read. They should’ve been arrested on sight for crimes against sentence-formation. A full stop wouldn’t have gone amiss.


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