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Very pleasant Sunday.

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Long anticipated (& slightly feared because I can’t cook) big family tapas themed luncheon today at The Moss.
 Bman saved the day with some garlic mushrooms. My sister did a lovely rustic tart thingy and my bro raised the bar (literally) with gin soaked smoked salmon.  Lots of bread and cheeses and meats for the carnivores.

Very nice.




Bman and I proved we can actually work well together by holding our own in a badminton doubles game against my bro & his lady (who is 20 years younger than me).  Not bad considering it all went a bit festival crazytime with court invasions by Childerbeast on space hoppers and others with water pistols!

Dad gave rides around the garden on his “Princess Trailer Ride” and Bman won the boules tournament.




We then, randomly, used monopoly money in an auction for some junk, heirlooms & oddments that my folks had found in the loft.

I now possess a set of Coronation Street character ‘Toby jug’ style mugs from 1986. A box brownie and some pottery candlesticks that may be worthless or priceless…it’s difficult to tell.

I missed out on the almost full box of Lady Di & Prince Charles souvenir wedding pens. My brother has those. I guess I know what we’re all getting for Christmas from him this year.




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