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Jolly holidays so far so good

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Spent a fab evening on Monday with great mates in Robin Hood’s Bay.  Slightly disappointing cabaret. (Just not as entertaining for me as last time in Whitby).  Do love visiting my bezzy though.   Miss you Gene Genie Xx

Since then we’ve spent an extremely rainy afternoon shovelling 2ps into penny falls machines to try & win crappy Minecraft bracelets and tiny unicorn toys.  Eventually we probably spent about £399 and won a miniature pink sparkly notepad that we could’ve bought for 50p down the road (but that wouldn’t have been as much fun).


We’ve also been to York to see a production of The Railway Children at the National Railway Museum.  Great show and a must for engine buffs when the actual steam train used in the movie steams onto the ‘stage’.   Excellent play. I loved it!


Had a good night out catching up with another old buddy, setting the world to rights over a cider or two.


Took the Childerbeast rockpooling today, with a brief foray down to Scalby Beck, old school style like when I was a Childerbeast myself. Didn’t get as far as I’d have liked. Muddy banks, flip-flops & one less than intrepid daughter put paid to any chance of recreating my 1989 ‘Stand By Me’ expedition up to Scalby. I say ‘Stand By Me’. There were no leeches, nobody had a gun & we weren’t looking for a dead body. It was fun though.

We then spent a grand few hours raking about in the sea but found nothing but dead crabs and ex-jellyfish. I was pleased to see so many other children doing the same thing. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Think we might just do the same tomorrow.



I’m not weeing, I promise you.



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