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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Genuinely. I truly do.

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Another top seasidey day today. Met my lovely Gilly Willy & her Childerbeast on the Spa end of the south side.
    Much digging of holes, sandcastles & one first aid episode with a suspected blue jellyfish sting. This did prompt the question “Would you rather use an alcohol wipe from the first aid kit, or have me or Gill pee on your foot?”

They opted for the wipe.

Funny that!


Look how fat I am? What a walrus! I need to shift that massive midriff. Check out our wispy barnets too.

Good times though. The Childerbeast got on famously as usual, which is always lovely to see. It was Sandy Buttcrack times all round. I even had a full-on swim. Best facial ever. My skin has never felt so smooth.

Bit bracing at first but you can’t beat a swim in the sea. Sea salt therapy. Good for the soul. (Just try to avoid the jellies).

Once we’d eventually dragged the younglings out of the sea & rubbed them raw with towels, mum style, it was time for us to head off. I’d arranged to see another old friend for tea. Very fab it was too. Not seen her in a few years so it was brilliant to catch up.

Busy busy.

Loved seeing my lovely ladies. Let’s not leave it so long next time. Xx

Home to Sadford tomorrow.



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