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So long, & thanks for all the fish… (aka I am now going off-grid til next week.)

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Heading to this year’s adventures in Utopia tomorrow, with a brief pre-festy pit stop at my old mucka, Dave’s house.
   I’ve packed & repacked my bag loads of times but will no doubt wear the same thing throughout. (I will change my duds of course!) 

I’ve threatened the Childerbeast that if they start carrying on & arguing at the festival, I’ll make them go in the hot springs on Sunday. The response I got was “Argggghhhhhh!”

LOL. Boobers – you know what I’m saying.

It took me almost 3 days to recover after sleeping in a tent for 2 nights at Deershed. 4 nights at Shambala might just kill me. 

If I don’t come out alive, it’s been……alright, cheers.

Big love dudes & be kind to each other. It won’t hurt. Xx


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