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My adventures in Utopia are most definitely over after tonight…

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Today is the last day of my summer break. 7 weeks off. Can you believe it?  I am so very lucky to do the job that I do, so I can enjoy the school hols with my Childerbeast.  (The pay is pretty lame, my prospects are shite, but the hours are good.)

    Since the end of July I have:-

  *Been to two great festivals.
  *Watched fab bands and seen lots of crazy stuff.
  *Stayed in Scarborough, had picnics & swam in the sea.
  *Met up with lots of old friends.
  *Enjoyed an excellent wedding in Liverpool (with ET in attendance)
  *Spent a cracking night in Robin Hood’s Bay with top mates.
  *Had a lovely family meal in Chester.
  *Done a fair bit of swimming.
  *Seen ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Inside Out’ at the cinema.
  *Just had a tiring, but entertaining, weekend with my gorgeous nieces.
  *Not felt this relaxed in months!
I hope it doesn’t wear off within minutes of going back to work.

I shall sashay. I shall remain calm. I will not lose my temper. I shall exude amity.

I shall say “Go with happiness” in my head and out loud.

I give it a week….



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