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Monday (or is it? – my memory aint what it was)

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First week back at the Ranch has all been so far so good.

Long may it continue… Miss my Gene Genie though.  I made a slightly risqué gag the other day & was shot down in flames.  Gene Genie would’ve have roared with laughter.  (I heard you in my head babe).



I logged onto this blog full of intention to go on some kind of politically themed rant… but I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to say.

This is the future now.  Elderly times. Forgetting shit and wandering aimlessly.


Am pretty sure it was something along the lines of jumping on the Jeremy Corbyn current affairs train but am not sure where I stand on that. I haven’t been listening.
There was also something about the push to change the rules on getting agency staff to cover when unions go on strike.  Surely, if the powers that be took heed of the reasons that unions go on strike in the first place, then there wouldn’t be any strikes and therefore no necessity for agency staff to cover?

I had other things to go on about but they’ve completely slipped my mind. I am sure they were of great import and would’ve been extremely succinctly and cleverly put. 

We’ll never know, because my brain is made of candyfloss. 

Instead I shall share with you how I managed to chat up the postman this evening into adding a pre-paid packet of mine to his collection, thus saving me a trip to the post office (it only just, didn’t fit in the post box).  I salute you Sir and thank you.  Am not suggesting for a moment that I didn’t rely heavily on the womanly angle to get my way but suffice to say, had I gone up to the post box in my saggy old slackydaks and fleece, I don’t think he would have entertained me at all.  Glad I hadn’t got changed from work out of my cute new 50’s dress.


I’m about to test my candyfloss brain with some Monday night ‘Only Connect’ now (having already got a massive 3 questions correct on ‘University Challenge’).

If I remember what it was I had a bee in my bonnet about I am sure I will tell you.

Ciao dudes Xx






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