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Can the Hulk get a suntan? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Went to see ‘Pan’ at the cinema yesterday with the childerbeast.  Great film.  The story of where Peter Pan came from.  Possibly the first time I’ve heard a Nirvana track used in a family movie if I’m honest.  It worked well though.

I had an unusual experience in the cinema.  Stroked down the arm and across the lap by someone who wasn’t there – not in physical form anyway!  My eldest also said she felt like something very cold was sat on her knees.  This is the second time in that cinema something like that has happened.  Last time it was whispering in my ear.

In fairness, If I was floating about in the nether after my demise, why not hang around in the cinema and watch movies for free. You could totally screw with people watching shit like Paranormal Activity 5 (or whatever number they’re on now). 


I totally misheard my youngest commenting that there was a new Paranormal Activity film out.  What I heard was “Look Mum, Paranormal Nativity”.

Now you’re talking – I’d definitely give that a look.


Last week at work I reared my great big swede a little too far above the radar, so I need to go back to being a bottom-crawling submariner and keep my bolshy gob shut.


This morning me and the Bman are mostly loafing about watching old episodes of The Incredible Hulk on the Horror Channel and pondering whether the Hulk would change colour if he sunbathed.  Would he go darker green or paler?  

That’s just how we roll on a Sunday at our house.



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