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I’ll be honest. I can’t think of anything witty to call this post.

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Glad we live in the kind of world where shows like The Walking Dead need pre-show disclaimers like “This programme contains scenes of horror & violence from the outset, that some viewers may find distressing”.

Does it?


Surely, that would go without saying by the very nature of the bloody programme!

I don’t follow the show myself but the Bman is a big fan.   I just want to know why animals never turn zombiefied in these shows.  Night of the living dead cats. That’s what you need.


Picture courtesy of Google images


Meanwhile, Bman is decorating youngest Childerbeast’s bedroom this week so most of her crap is in our bedroom. The kitchen’s full of crap to either be sold on eBay or sent to charity.  This has sent my feng shui all out of kilter.

I’m trying not to look at it.  Clutterphobia.  I’m sure that’s a thing.

Got a bit of an old school reunion on Friday & Saturday in Hertfordshire.  Could be interesting. Am looking forward to it.  Comparing muffin-tops & crows-feet and sharing tales of mediocrity, divorce & offspring over a few jars and staying in a supposedly haunted pub.


It’s been far too long…


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