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The Milky Bars are on me (on my hips to be precise)

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Have been in a mood of irrational irritation with everything today.  Am pretty sure this could be linked to going back on the sweet-free and booze-free diet.  Not helped by my conviction that the world is going to hell in a handcart.

Kept myself entertained this afternoon whilst teaching music by saying things like; “What I need now is 32 E’s – hit me!” and “After 3, give me an E”.  Right up there on the list of Things You Never Thought You’d Say Out Loud.

Small things, please small minds.


I caved on the diet when I got home and had a giant Milky Bar I found in the cupboard.  It made me happy fleetingly, but what endorphins were released have since worn off and I’m now filled with eaters remorse.






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