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Comical Thursday and how I didn’t get a taco.

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Last week, a new shopping centre opened in Sadford town.  One that has been 10 years in the making.

People took off work to go to the opening.  I didn’t.  Mostly because I’ve seen a Debenhams before so I’m all good.   Then I heard that there was a Taco Bell in the food court and I was like “Woah. Hold the fookin phone.  This could be a gamechanger!”

Had I known that in advance, I might well have bunked off and been first in the line.

My daughter visited today, as her school was closed for one of its seemingly twice monthly Meet Your Coach Days (AKA parent/teaching meeting). 

She wasn’t that impressed.   Neither was I.  She didn’t bring me a taco.



Had quite a comical day today, where if the Benny Hill theme had been playing as I went from room to room, enveloped by mishaps, muddles and miscommunications, I honestly wouldn’t have been bloody surprised.  So today was a good day. It made me laugh (but probably shouldn’t have).

To complete the amusement of my day, I am now watching on Channel 4 catch-up – ‘My Psychic Life’.  If you can, then I urge you to watch it.  If only for the part where a lady talking to a little boy (who we can’t see) then gets up and tells him goodbye, turns away and her shopping bag smacks him where he face should’ve been.

Seemingly it’s also compulsory for all male psychic mediums to be as camp as a row of tents!

I only hope that tomorrow’s Goggleboxers watched the same show because I’d love to know what Scarlett would’ve made of it!

I think our house would be very entertaining if we were on Gogglebox. Although, last night Bman thought it hilarious to pull my pants down while I was washing up then pull my T-Shirt over my face & splash washing up suds on my norks!  At which point I did say (from inside my T shirt) “This is why we’re not on Gogglebox!” As he stood there laughing like a drain.





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