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From the mouths of babes yesterday.  I asked my youngest what she would change if she was in charge. 

I was expecting something like, free sweets, no more school or Noodle Tuesdays.

Instead, I got these words of wisdom:-

“I’d put a stop to all wars. It’s pointless. They solve nothing.  Someone hurts someone. We hurt them back or the country they’re from back and then it starts all over again”.


“I’d make sweets and cakes more expensive because everyone is too fat and unhealthy.”

and tellingly.

“When (not if) we have another massive world war, everyone will be too fat and unhealthy to fight for their freedom or survival”.

This was before the people in charge decided we would bomb a country where people are leaving in droves to… erm… escape the bombs.
Seemingly though we have magic bombs that only single out any possible terrorists and can’t possibly injure any innocent civilians.

Tinned peaches, bottled water and camping gas cannisters are all available (for now) at your local Home Bargain or B&M Stores.


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