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Things you may or may not know about me:_

I like to swim. I love being under water. It’s my safe, happy place.  Swimming is my favourite. Everyone should be able to swim. I’ll teach you if you can’t!
I can’t cook very well.  I married a chef. (Why have a dog and bark yourself?)
Am apparently shit at washing up.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely would… Eminem, Danny Dyer and Philip Gleinister (as Gene Hunt).
I have bi-polar proclivities and suffer from depression but I handle it without drugs.
I once chased Dermot O Leary’s T4 car down Clapham High Street.  I didn’t catch him.
I hate auto-correct with a passion it is difficult to comprehend.
I am an ordained humanist celebrant.
My superhuman skill is opening bottles and jars with relative ease.
Vodka makes me maudlin.
I love gin.
I love cold tuna but hot tuna makes me gip.
I once threw my underwear at Jarvis Cocker.
Contrary to popular opinion – I do love children. I love working with them. I think they’re fascinating.
I love singing but don’t like to do it in public.
I both, love and hate, camping in equal measure
I’m quite good at swearing.
I can’t drive. Never had a lesson.
I love all kinds of music and wish I could play every instrument ever created.
I can, (despite what my husband says) ride a bike!
I don’t like tinsel on a Christmas tree.
I very rarely dance in public.


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Not loathed by totally everyone so that's good right?

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