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It’s Chriiiiisstmaaaaaas!

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Great birthday weekend at The Moss with my Fam and overnight stay in Manc with the Bman (minus my bro who was eye deep in sprouts and mince pies at work as a chef).  Had a wander round the German markets, some alfresco cocktails and a lovely birthday meal at Zizzi.
Loved spending time with my little niecelings too.  Christmas is so much more magical with smallies on the scene.  My two are just at an age when they don’t believe any more.  Makes buying gifts and putting them under the tree a lot easier but a small part of me died when it was clear they no longer believed.

I read them this book though… and we all had a tiny teary moment.


A great book for just when they reach ‘that age’. All about the joy of sharing and giving.

While at The Moss my mum got out a box of old photos and birthday cards and momentos which entertained me for far too long.  Misspelled ‘bithday’ cards, swimming and cycling proficiency certificates and such gems as these:

IMG_20151220_095737_kindlephoto-83328503Me and my Pops circa 1972/3

IMG_20151220_094531_kindlephoto-80468853My bad-ass Hadham Hall self circa 1985/6



My own daughter contributed to the momento box this year with a quality homemade birthday card for me with ‘Dirthday’ on the front with a hastily drawn line on the D to try, unsuccessfully, to make it look like a B.  If that wasn’t amusing enough, the inside said ‘Merry Christmas’.

Brilliant. Xx

Meanwhile…. we saw Star Wars – The Force Awakens last night.  Booked the tickets over a month ago.  Very excited.  Wore my Mos Eisley Cantina Bar tee shirt I bought especially.


Just saying Odeon Leeds/Bradford – it’s not like you didn’t know hundreds of people would be trying to see this movie at any one time.  You might want to ensure that there’s paper in the print your own ticket machine, otherwise the whole process is pointless.  After getting slightly agitated with the dude on the desk and running up and down the stairs a couple of times to speak to different, useless individuals, then losing my shit a bit with the dude again, we managed to get in and get sat together.  I just prayed it was worth it.

It totally was!

I loved it.  I wept a couple of times and loved the fact that at times I would steal a look at my youngest and we both had matching expressions.  Our gamut of emotions went something a bit like this:-




I want to see it again immediately.  Yes I am a geek and I don’t care.

Happy Christmas one and all.  I hope you all get what you want and a few surprises.  Eat, drink and be merry and… may the force be with you.

Ciao dudes Xx


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