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How the hell is it almost 2 weeks ago since I last posted?  We’re almost half way through January already!  So far nothing has changed.  I am no slimmer. Not especially any the wiser but I am still alive and haven’t killed anybody so that has to be good right?

I had an alcohol-free cocktail night out in Chester last weekend to celebrate a very good friend’s birthday. It’s all very well saying that you do alcohol-free cocktails but have you ever looked at a menu of fancy schmanzy hipster cocktails lately? Mince pie bellinis.  Cocopop vodka and ovaltine (you think I jest… but it’s true).  I was told I could have anything on the menu but they’d leave the booze out.  Essentially if I’d gone down that route, I’d have been left with a jam jar of crushed ice, a sprig of mint and some lime cordial.  No doubt for only a quid less than an actual cocktail.  I felt a bit like that sock monkey on the PG Tips ad.  “I think I’ll just keep it tea”.

Instead I had 3 orange and lemonades and a lime & soda* and watched my friends and some people I’ve never met before, get a bit tipsy.

This week I have held a tarantula, stroked a meerkat, a skunk, a giant lizard and had a marmoset sit on my shoulder and wasn’t freaked out by it’s freakishly small humanoid hands.  Also learned that keeping a raccoon as a domestic pet isn’t (as I suspected) a good idea even if it was allowed.  Unlucky there Bman.  No birthday raccoon for you my love.



Tiny High-Five MoFo!

 Anyone who knows me well enough won’t even need to question how, when, or why this happened.  Just accept it as truth and move on…


So thus far, January is ticking along quite nicely thanks.

Toodles! Xx

*I’m not pregnant or anything. I’m just having a dry January after the excesses of December.


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