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A 2nd well spent weekend

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Went into Sadford yesterday to buy craft materials to make a Monster Book of Monsters (don’t ask).

At one point I thought I had wandered into a scene being filmed for a new series of ‘The League of Gentlemen’ when I found myself next to a most unconvincing transsexual/transgender (I’m not sure of the difference – sorry) in the line at Primark.
Make-up lesson 101 – lips look better with the colour filled in rather than just a lipline and crop leggings and Cuban heel ankle boots, my friend,  are probably best left for the younger generation.  Fair play to you though and good luck with the operation.  (I know there is an operation because I couldn’t help but overhear the very loud conversation you were having with the checkout lady about it!)

The rest of the time I felt as if I was in some impoverished East European gulag.  Way to make you feel both superior in appearance and health whilst simultaneously putting you on a humongous guilt trip for bringing up your children in such an area.

Silver linings – I got the materials I needed to make this bad boy for our Harry Potter Day of Magic at school.  My quidditch lesson plans won’t file themselves after all.



Didn’t manage to get much for the Bman’s birthday next month though. So far he wants tea out at Pizza Hut and a book about astronomy.  (Apparently he is 12 not 44).  I asked if he wanted some spokey-dokeys for his bike aswell.  He asked if he could invite a friend to the Pizza Hut tea, to which my response was “Aww honey, if you had any, that would be lovely”.


Last night it snowed, so today I embraced my inner 12 year old and me and my youngest went out and hit the slopes.

My eldest was busy being too cool for school in the park with her mates.  She was home later,  moaning that it hadn’t been fun and her mates had let her down a bit.  I said she should have come with her Mama.  We had so much damn fun that the local wildlife wanted in on the act.




At least she was outside at the weekend, which is more than she usually does.  She also got a bit of colour in her cheeks, which is nice.  To be honest so did I when I decided to try going down the slope backwards and my leggings started to come down!  Fear not, I won’t post any pics of THAT instead I’ll use a picture of what I think I looked like in my own head!


Never too old to be a jackass.  Just making up for those too cool for school teenage years of my own.




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