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Almost felt like throwing a sickie this morning when I got up earlier than usual and got sucked into watching ‘The Waltons’.  Mary Ellen’s hubby (supposedly killed at Pearl Harbour) was seemingly still alive in Florida and she was going to track him down.
   I did the right thing though and went to work, but now I’ll never know if it was him, and if so, why hadn’t he gone home to her?  Was his memory impaired like Harold Bishop? Did he want to do a Reggie Perrin and fake his own death?  I may have to Google it to find out.

I did get a Thank You card today from one of my swimming students – which was unexpected, lovely and cool. 


   I also got my hair caught in the lock of the fire door whilst talking to a parent at hometime, then the wind blew the door shut, almost snapping my neck – which was also unexpected but neither lovely or cool (but no doubt looked most amusing).

I can see it now at their Leavers Assembly;-

I remember in Year 4 when Miss Brewer’s head came off and was dangling from the door handle like a Halloween prop”




I just realized that viewing this post on certain devices, this giph looks a bit suggestively dodgy if you can only see the top half of it.  For this, I can only apologise (unless you like that kind of thing, in which case… you’re welcome).



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