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So our Harry Potter day of magic went well last week. My quidditch lesson was awesome and the children loved it. Many thanks to Leeds Griffins for the lesson plan.

What wasn’t awesome though, was sifting through the photographs afterwards and wondering who it was that came dressed as Hagrid… and then realizing it was me!

Heavy duty futhermucker!!

Ixnay on the cakes and sweets for the foreseeable for this lardy lady. I need to shed about 10kilos and that’s just from my flippin’ face!   You’ve heard of bitchy resting face well mine was like saggy old cloth catpuss resting face!


Meanwhile, due to not entirely unforseen events (which I am not at liberty to discuss) I spent the weekend drifting in and out of what could best be described as hysteria, joy and resigned ineptitude.   These two memes seem to sum up my mood.



I don’t think there’s any load that can’t lightened by a bit of kitchen karaoke though.

Altogether now:-

“Tommy got his six string in hock….”


Right I’m off to blow the dust off my lateral thigh trainer (and no, that’s not a euphemism).



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