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After a weird few days pondering life and the questions it throws up.  I was in the bath tonight listening to Absolute 80s when the 1988 hit ‘Alright’ by the Pet Shop Boys came on.  Almost 30 years later and is it going to be alright Mr Neil Tennant (and the other dude whose name nobody ever remembers)?
s it?
People are still starving.  Countries are still fighting.  Nothing’s changed.  Is it ever likely to?  The music is indeed still playing on and on and on (but most of that is utter shite these days). 

Then ‘Together in electric dreams’ came on and that set me wondering what it was about that particular song that we used to associate with a lad we knew called Grant Melon.  (SandraZoo you’ll have to help me out with that hazy memory).
I also wondered if any studies had been done to see what the correlation was between cases of sexually transmitted diseases and things like flirting online and via text.  Sitonmyfacebook.
All sounds like a bit of a recipe for chlamydia if you ask me – which is like the worst cooking show dish ever.

Also, not an 80’s song, but why would you see an Indian chief at a carwash Rose Royce? When?
How many times have you ever seen an Indian chief at a carwash?  Carwash down the road from us is always busy.  I don’t know if it’s free or they give out free E’s and coke with every wash or what but there’s always a line of cars.  Never seen any Native American Indians though.

These and a fair few other inane questions besides ran through my candyfloss of a mind as I wallowed in the bubbles and shaved my pits and bits.

Answers on a postcard (or a sealed envelope), or text, or tweet me, or post me a message on Facebook. Don’t comment me on MySpace though.  That shit is so last decade darling…




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