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Weekend shenanigans

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Just spent a long weekend in the wilds of Yorkshire at our friend’s farm.

Middle of nowhere times. Back of beyond.  Sticksville… but all in a good way. No phone reception.  Long walks. Conversation. Board games, and the childerbeast all being up and playing outside even before the adults were up!  We even got snow and I only fell down once (and that was before it snowed – I wasn’t drunk either BTW, I blame inferior wellies and unfamiliar boggy terrain).

Good (remote) times.


What wasn’t as good, was having to employ Team Teach technique on my husband to manhandle him into an armchair to save him from himself.  

In a drunken lapse of common sense he decided he was going to head outside ‘for a walk’ late on Saturday night. This was after finding the kitchen table swimming in wine with the Mac and hard drive practically doing the front crawl!

Not on my watch buddy! 

I had visions of finding him in the morning, face down in the beck with his butt getting nibbled on by raccoons (or whatever passes for carnivorous wildlife in that neck of the woods).  


Managed to get him to stay indoors, but he did end up throwing up in the sink.


Most likely as a result of over-indulgence and playing in the cat litter tray like a sandpit and not, as he claimed the next day, as a result of poisoning from the Moroccan stew we had for tea.

Step away from the alcohol with your hands in the air and stop laughing!

He wasn’t laughing as much the next day. He was also very cold.

Leaving your sleeping bag in the kitchen armchair and the door wide open, while you’re forced to try and snuggle up to your unimpressed, unyielding wife, does not make for a comfortable night, my little drunken friend.

Sympathy was thin on the ground all round on Sunday.


Back to the ghetto yesterday for a full day of washing and ironing today.  Bman suffering some kind of achey breaky man lurgy today. (Possibly pneumonia from wandering about a chilly farmhouse in his scanties or just his liver trying to realign itself).

Lunch with Fam tomorrow in Manchester.

Man, I love the holidays.




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