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Yes Pet Shop Boys, I think it is going to be alright…

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Being a Star Wars fan and having been one of the millions who read The Celestine Prophecy back in the 90s, I do believe in a Force.  Also in karma, silver linings, paying it forward and all that shiz.

After my shaky start to the week –  freaking out about whether I am a fit parent, a decent human being capable of raising children and holding down a job;  Life would be better all round if I wasn’t here etc etc. Today I feel back an track and The Force sent me a sign to prove it.  By ‘sign’, I mean a parrot on a bike and by ‘Force’, I mean the Internet. 


Don’t be. I will elucidate.

You recall I mentioned that we had actually booked a holiday which wouldn’t (I hope) involve having to erect a tent or inflate an airbed and shit in a wooden hut. Well. while researching the area we’re going to, I discovered that there’s a parrot show as part of the in house entertainment at the muthacluckin hotel we are booked into!!


Hell yeah!

If that’s not karma and the force and the goddess of joy giving me a High Five and a metaphysical ‘You’re Welcome’ then I don’t know what is.


Kids.  Mummy will be in the main bar… again….with crackers (and a holdall).


Would they notice if I snuck one into my luggage and brought it home do you think?


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