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Happy Mother’s Day Y’all.

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Went to look at the litter of kittens we are hoping to get a new member of the family from on Thursday. 

At the moment I’m thinking I like this one the best.  He’s practically high fiving me into choosing him


Celebrated life not being quite as shit as it could be a little bit on Friday, by ordering a takeaway for me and the Childerbeast.  I may have misjudged the imperial system of pizza ordering though. Two 16inch pizzas for 1 adult and 2 children, plus 2 portions of chips = WAY too much food.

Left us all feeling a bit like this:-




Wandered up to Morridogs on Saturday to join the throng of people panic buying Mother’s Day gifts.  Essentially, every woman in Bradford probably got the same bouquet of mixed serviceable chrysanths & gyp that were stacked up in buckets from the entrance to the bloody crisp aisle, and the £3 boxes of Thorntons were flying off the shelves!

I went for tulips instead (not a daffodils to be seen would you believe). Funnily enough, so did my sister. It was like harvest day in Amsterdam at my house today. I got tulips, mum got 2 bunches and my sister got a bunch.
   Lovely to have (most of) the Fam here this afternoon for lunch. Once they’d gone I spent the rest of the afternoon making a start on my new Star Wars jigsaw – another Mother’s Day gift. (Cheers Bman).



Felt lucky this weekend and extremely blessed. Bought lottery tickets but clearly wasn’t THAT lucky, so back to work for me tomorrow.

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mum in your life. Be good to her. Mums are awesome. I know I love mine. Xxx


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