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So today I dyed my barnet and to be honest I don’t know what colour it is. The box said Caramel Blonde. I’m not sure what that is meant to look like but if it’s what my eldest called ‘mucky blond’ or what I just call ‘mousey’, then it was a roaring success.  Got to get passport mugshot done tomorrow, so that should make for a glamorous picture.

Been fecking about with my hair for over 30 years now. Frankly I’m astounded I’ve got any left. It’s been all colours under the sun.  I always end up favouring the blonde though, despite Bman always calling me Big Ginge. God knows what the real colour is. Grey I expect.


Went to see Allegiant on Thursday. I wasn’t keen on the book but damn! Theo makes a mighty fine ‘Four’.  This kind of attractiveness is probably illegal.


Also went to visit those kittens again and am pretty sure this kind of cuteness is also illegal.


He will soon be mine and shall be called Alan… Alan Lickman.


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