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The end is hopefully not quite nigh just yet.

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Yesterday Bman lost his touch while attempting a new recipe for tea, which didn’t quite go to plan.  We suffered the revenge of the aubergine surprise this morning!

This afternoon I repaid the favour, by almost killing him when he slipped on some of my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush bodywash – left in the bath after my shower this morning. (Yes, I had not rinsed out the bath after myself – don’t be so judgemental!)  Luckily he resisted clinging to the newly installed bathroom cabinet to steady himself otherwise he might’ve brought that down on himself too!

Not the way anyone wants to go.  Naked, with your nackers crushed by a bathroom cabinet full of nit shampoo, sanitary towels and dental floss.


When it’s my turn to meet the Grim Reaper I’m hoping glitterballs are involved, possibly roller skates or maybe some form of extreme ironing incident (ironing whilst on roller skates, crushed by a falling glitterball maybe?)



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