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A rant (which may not make sense) but I’m on a roll. Forgive me.

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Blanket forced sodomisation academisation of all schools.  Great idea Osborne you giant cockwomble! Do you even know what you’re talking about? Sick of our education system being fucked around with by numpties.  Same numpties who think it’s ok to take money from disabled people or suggest that Britain’s old age pensioners should come out of retirement to pick fruit and veg.

Our flippin education secretary couldn’t even answer a simple multiplication question not long ago, as she said it “wasn’t necessary”.  You want all children under 11 to know though. So answer the question love, or didn’t you know the answer?  

The sample Spelling and Grammar paper this year would’ve baffled GCSE English students, yet you want my 11 year old to tell a determiner from a parenthetical phrase and a modal progressive verb from an abstract noun. 

I could tell you but plenty couldn’t, and some of them are expected to teach this.

My brilliant 11 year old has lost her literacy mojo because she’s bored.  Bored of the heavily scaffolded subject matter she is being ordered to produce.  She may not even reach Age Related Expectation and anyone who ever read her work knows that THAT is utter horseshit!

Academise everyone.  Awesome! Right up there with the eventual demise of society as we know it – along with people going out in public in their pyjamas and not knowing how to spell.

Schools can’t afford to pay for staff as it is, before we start extending the school day.  How are these academies funded?  Where are all these sponsors coming from?  Academy chains are getting in the shit for financial mismanagement and there’s no hard and fast, consistent evidence that academies produce better results.

Society is already full of lazy; ‘want it all now and I want it for nothing’ know-nothing, self-centered, bigoted, fucktards. Teaching staff are leaving the profession. The ones who want to stay are under massive amounts of pressure to justify their results from entire cohorts of children who don’t give a shit!

I see a future of primary schools closing down, while the need for them increases, due to people continuing to churn out offspring as they screw their way around partner after partner; spreading STDs and watering down the already diminishing intelligence of the human race.  

We are becoming complacent in our attitude to poverty, to violence, to knowledge. Our lives are ruled by social media. Faces aglow from this screen, that screen. The screen I am typing on right now. The one you are reading this on when you should probably be doing something more constructive. Or even less constructive – and yes, I appreciate the irony.

There will end up being no middle grounders like me. There will only be the chinless, real life clueless tossers like Cameron and his ilk and the stupid people. The ones that Bman deals with on public transport. The ones I see every day. The ones I and my colleagues, fight a daily battle to try and save, from themselves, from ignorance.  Some of them you already know are going to slip through the net. We’ve lost them before we even start…but we keep trying anyway because that’s our job.  

Bman watches The Walking Dead. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when he is watching that or the 10 o clock news.

Anyway, back to my initial topic – fucking with the education system.



I’ve only worked in this system full time for 7 years and the way subjects are taught, graded and success ultimately judged, has changed about 4 times. Sometimes mid-way through the academic year.

Fuck off!  And yes, I used a now improper exclamation mark and began a sentence with the word and.

Academies might well end up being the great cure-all. Who knows. I doubt it though as we’ll still be left with the same cohorts of apathetic, spoilt children. Offspring of the kind of people those warnings on consumer goods are aimed at:-

Do not spray into own eyes.

Do not iron clothing whilst wearing them.

Do not stick your head in the oven.

Not for human consumption.

Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t be a dick!

Think!  Please. For the sake of fuck.

That is all.  I apologise for any typos. I’m babbling and in a hurry to get to work (to see what’s changed overnight this time in the way I am meant to impart a love of knowledge to our future workers and leaders).


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