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Took my girls and one of their mates to see Little Mix last night at Leeds Arena.  Didn’t have a clue where we were going, despite having lived here since 2001.  Luckily, it’s huge and was lit up like a Christmas tree so we weren’t ever going to miss it.
Did my usual and made sure the childerbeast had some kind of plan in the event of any kind of mass exodus emergency evac situation.  Can’t be too complacent in these fucked up times. I’ve always been a know your nearest exit kind of gal.  Be prepared and all that.

Anyway once we’d ascended Everest base camp, by which I mean block 333, and applied our oxygen masks to help acclimatize to the altitude – we found our seats. Felt slightly bilious until I got used to it.  Never used to have an issue with heights until I had children.  Straining to push them out must have messed up my inner ear equilibrium or something because now, if I’m anywhere high, I do suffer a bit with vertigo.  Wouldn’t let it stop me doing anything or going anywhere high though.  I just have to hold on a bit tighter.


I’m not a Little Mix fan but they put on a great show.  Flame throwers, aerial work, dry ice, glitter, spangly leotards and bit of banter with the audience.  I remained seated, as instructed & only sang along a little bit. Made sure to point out that if they ever thought I was embarrassing, then it could surely have been worse.  Wine casualty mums take heed.  There is a time and a place for grape-related giddiness, but with your kids at a pop concert is not that place.  High heeled boots, steep concrete steps and a bottle (yes, a bottle) of rose in hand is not your friend.  To be honest, it’s nobody’s friend.  People like that are the reason they have those barriers at the end of each row of steps – to try and stop you plummeting to your deaths.  Get a grip on yourself rather then the neck of that wine bottle.

I particularly liked the way that after one fairly strenuous dance number, the backing dancers did some kind of matador number round the band with their capes – presumably to dry their sweaty pits and wipe the mascara from under their eyes.

 My girls have barred me from getting myself one of these silver numbers.  I can’t think why.


Well we got though the concert without having to shift into emergency evac mode or employ any first aid skills and just had to then negotiate the crowds outside as we left and make our way back to the station. En route we managed to score 2 hoodies and a T shirt for 20 quid.  Should have been 25 but the geezer was that pissed I don’t think he would have recognized himself in a mirror never mind been able to add up!  A bargain compared to 55 sheets a hoodie inside the venue!  #ripoff


Last train home from Leeds wasn’t as unfortunate as I had anticipated.  Compared to the last train out of Blackpool on a Saturday night it was like a Sunday School outing.  Don’t know how Bman deals with it sometimes.  Drunk people can be so dumb (and yes, I know we’ve all been there!)


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