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Early morning wake up call

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Note to self:   Discourage Alan Lickman from hiding out under our bed.  

Nothing wakes you up at 3:30am like the stench of a freshly curled out cat shit, but not being able to find it in the dark.

Giant Jurassic Park flashlight I got for Christmas came in useful as I raked about between the boxes of junk to find the sludge fudge in question, with my Muppets pyjama bottoms creeping down so my arse was exposed!  Discovered 2 little stinky cigars, one of which was perilously close to the strap of Bman’s binocular case.

OH! Lickman. NO!


The guilty party (he hasn’t got a massive paw, it’s a white pom-pom).

So I’ve been up since then. I’ve ironed, put another wash on. Swept and washed the kitchen floor. Polished the lounge and watched 6 episodes of An Idiot Abroad on NOW TV.

Kids are up now so give it 5 minutes and it will look like I’ve done nothing.



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