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The Last Weekend

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Spent a couple of days in Manchester for my nieceling’s birthday.  (Spellcheck Phil?)

Treated her to a visit to the Build a Bear store.  I was 43 sheets down by the end of it but scored a few Anti-Tit brownie points, so it was all good. 

She showed on the way home that she has inherited her mother’s ‘all back to mine’ friendliness by practically inviting everyone on the tram to her birthday party the following day (all welcome as long as they dressed as a princess).  Elderly Wilf and Ken, from Sale and Altrincham respectively, were well up for it.

Note to self:  instill some sense of reticence in her when speaking to strangers.

Had a pleasant evening drinking Da Mhile seaweed gin and showing our age and geekiness by discussing mathematical equations and setting my sister and bro-in-law SATs standard grammar questions.

Rave on!

Spent the birthday party the following morning sat at the back of Brooklands Scout Hut painting faces for 4 year olds.  

“Anything you like kids, as long as it’s flowers, a rainbow, butterfly or cat”.

No bouncy castle injuries to deal with thankfully (I had first aid kit to hand just in case – natch). This was probably because the adults weren’t allowed on it.  My sister has some pretty bonkers pals to be fair.


Today is the last day of our Easter (which didn’t include Easter) holidays.  Back to the grindstone tomorrow.  Quite proud that I’ve survived it without succumbing to depression, killing anyone or filing for divorce.
Embraced the age-old British tradition of trailing the kids round DIY stores looking at kitchens and guttering.  Handing out advice like;
“Just a tip – those toilets aren’t plumbed in by the way” and “If the Mister catches you wheeling each other round in those wheelbarrows – you’re not with us, OK?”  Also got them to show me what tools they would arm themselves with in the event of a cataclysmic event or zombie apocalypse.  Also stocked up on butane gas canisters. (You can never have enough – for camping trips or if the stove breaks down or of course… a cataclysmic event or zombie apocalypse).


Be prepared MoFos.  Be prepared.



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