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Bend me over backwards on my hostess trolley like it’s 1999

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that Victoria Wood – one of the finest comedy writers, pianists & actresses of our time – died yesterday.  This evening I got a text from a friend telling me to check the news for further deaths.

The first thing I found was this:-

Last of the PG Tips monkeys dies after ‘struggle to learn how to be a chimp’


…which was bad enough…  RIP Chopper.


… but then I realized the text referred to the untimely demise of the little pop legend Prince. Dead at only 57 and on the Queen’s 90th birthday too!

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Very few songs of his I don’t like.  Tricky to choose which one would be a favourite if I’m honest.  Blasting out Erotic City or Darling Nicky from my 13 year old self’s bedroom window (for what I hoped was shock value to the neighbours) to party favourites like Let’s go Crazy and 1999 and the genius of Sign of the Times – as poignant today as it was when it came out.

No way 2016!  WTF?  All the good ‘uns are going.  It’s no good.  Meanwhile certain celebrities, who will remain nameless until ridiculously expensive  injunctions are lifted, live to writhe in threeways another day,  lathered in Crisp & Dry – an image that will likely come back to haunt my nightmares at some point.  If I was to go a threeway in a paddling pool of cooking oil with anyone, I very much doubt this celeb (allegedly) would have been anywhere near my list.  Prince on the other hand might well have made the cut.  Anyone who can sex up Sheena Easton has to have something about him, even if he was a short arse.  (T0  be honest, I googled how tall he was and he was only about 2cm shorter than me).

I daren’t watch the news the rest of the week.  I’ve barely got over Alan Rickman dying.  Can’t deal with much more.  Ronnie Corbett aswell barely a week ago.  David Gest too.  We have a mental list of Who’s going to snuff it next in the world of showbiz going on at work. Neither Victoria Wood nor Prince made the list.  Brucie? Yes – amazed he’s lasted this long to be honest.

So until next time, when we’ll see who else has crossed over to the great after party in the sky.  Adieu and take care MoFos.



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