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Sunday breakages

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The MiL stayed over last night so me and the Bman slept on the sofabed downstairs.

We broke it!

And not in the throes of wild Saturday night gin-fuelled sexual abandon. Nope.  We got into bed and basically it gave up under the strain.  I blamed Bman’s expansive frame, as it happened as soon as he got into bed. He blamed the way I had pulled the bed out. Then he blamed the excessive weight of my (I quote) “John Merrick sized head”.

Whatever the cause. It’s fucked and now outside awaiting the local rag & bone dudes to take it away.


Alan Lickman tried to help as we dismantled it.


 We have had to rehome Bman’s collection of shoes, which lived underneath it.  He is the Imelda Marcos of West Yorkshire. Although I think the white deck shoes need to go back to 1984.


Meanwhile we got a 2 month free Sky movies pass from a McDs voucher so we’ve spent the afternoon showing some classics to the Childerbeast such as Pet Semetary and Deliverance. Admit to actually having the conversation with Bman about whether he and I should dress as Ned Beatty and the Mountain Man at Halloween. Big white undies and a bucket hat for me. Beard, grubby teeth and britches with braces for him. He could add to the Halloween effect by having an arrow through the chest.


Feign to deny you’re not picturing it.


Everyone is bed now though and I ‘accidentally’ clicked play on Magic Mike XXL.




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