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So last Saturday I was having prosecco for breakfast and about to embark on a pretty much an all day sesh.  This weekend, as a counter to that, I went to the York Mystery Plays with the MiL.  I was introduced to the Dean of York Minster and didn’t get struck by lightning or anything.  I sat through almost 4 hours of biblical tales from the Creation Story to Revelations.  Despite the religious element and the initial fear that it might be a 4-hour long Open the Book assembly, it was actually really rather good and I was relieved they said ‘drownded’ properly in the Noah’s Ark story.
Is it wrong to have been attracted to Lucifer though?  He was really rather lush.  I suspect they did that on purpose.  To be fair Jeebus was pretty buff too but I was Team Lucifer all the way.
  No surprises there!


The races were on in York too this weekend.  Glamour and suits; fancy hats, stiletto heels and drinking on the train at 11am.  Not so glamorous and sophisticated at 8pm on the way home though.  We abandoned getting the train we initially wanted to get due to the number of drunk people also trying to cram onto the train.  We got a later train but moved carriages because people can’t moderate their language or conversational topic when children are in the next seat.  I don’t want my girls listening to your discusion about wanking thank you very much.  Thank you to the one memebr of that pissed-up party that did have the nunce to try and get his mate to tone it down.  Pity he didn’t listen. 


Idiots spoiling it in France during Euro 2016 this weekend aswell.   A loony gunman going tonto in a Florida nightclub.  Why are humans such fucktards?  We’re just not nice are we?



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